Reach a unique global audience

Web3 users are typically under 50, trendy, and forward thinking. Roughly 25% of people in countries like the USA, Australia, and UK have purchased and hold some cryptocurrency.

Some countries like Turkey and Brazil are even higher with a 55%+ adoption rate. WonderGame Metaverse is growing rapidly with 40,000 active Web3 members already, giving businesses access to global customers and clients within the Metaverse.


Launch and sell digital product lines

Web3 opens a new door of opportunity to create and sell high-margin digital products or NFTs, derivatives, and physically-backed NFTs.

Blockchain is enabling a new definition of ownership, so businesses can create new, exciting virtual products and experiences for their customers.


Build community, increase life time value & loyalty

Brands that are able to turn their customers into die-hard fans are able to make far greater profits, fend off competitors, and greatly increase referrals and retention.

Your business can create anything imaginable in the metaverse, from games, community lounges, brand experiences, showrooms, shopping stores, and hosting live events. Here your customers can interact with each other, invite friends, and build that sense of community and engagement they never want to leave.


Increase brand awareness and hype

The Web3 community is exactly that… A community. The nature of blockchain is to harnesses and spread great ideas and projects faster and more viral than anything we’ve seen before.

With such a hot space, people love sharing what they find with their friends and community, which makes your space and brand grow even faster and reach new people through referrals.


Make your brand a social statement

Brands that are able to become a staple within society or even micro niches not only command higher margins, but are more reseliant during downturns or pandemics. Commodites without any emotional pull are the first to get cut off or switched by their customes, while brands that embed themselves into niches become part of the customers identity.

Web3 Metaverse technology is a very easy way to make fun, trendy and memorable experiences for your consumer base. They share it with their friends, talk about it on socials, attract free PR, and ultimately sell more things.


The next generation of websites

When websites were first invented the adoption rate was slow. Many businesses were either ignorant ot dismissed the use cases entirely. Others saw the opportunity and chased the future, creating the huge dotcom boom from which spawned many global giants based on just one website such as Google, Facebook, Amazon.

The same is occuring now, and represents the opportunity of a life time which Goldman Sachs estimates to be worth $8 Trillion. For companies looking to grow, icrease revenues and retention… The time to act is NOW while you’re still ahead of the curve.


Create VIP experiences

Web3 creates a whole new range of possibilites and use cases which can be entirely independent or combined with existing offerings. Customers who traditionally receieved no VIP treatment can have an VIP membership NFT which gives them exlusive access to events (both physical and metaverse), exclusive offerings, community areas and community lounges, cross networking, gaming, and brand experiences.

For example, an Oyster Farm can create an NFT which gives first rights over a specific farming plot, access to a Metaverse Oyster island, and can even be redeemed to fly to the oyster island to harvest and eat the top oysters of that season. Or take fashion for example. A shoe brand can create an NFT which is a wearable in-metaverse item, and comes with a physical limited edition pair of that shoe.


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