• 103,946


  • 45,000+


  • 44.040 km2

    Total Map Area


WonderGame offers both residential and commercial plots each with 4 sizes.
If you’re a project, whale or business looking to find the ideal metaverse space for you, or an investor wanting to land bank, click below to chat.



WonderGame is a 3D VR Metaverse where players can own land, build kingdoms, trade, play games, hangout, and shop. For Enterprise, WonderGame is becoming the "Shopify of the Metaverse" with a simple 3 step process to enter and begin monetizing. Thousands of Citizens live and play on an island in WonderGame, their home in the Metaverse.

The project's aim is to build the underlying infrastructure every metaverse and enterprise needs with real-world utility, and to do so while building a powerful metaverse from scratch.

Land can be purchased, with different characteristics and locations available for each. A User, Project, or Enterprise can purchase their own Web3 land to build and host their own metaverse kingdom, gallery, games, lounges, stores, or anything else their heart desires. Unlike other metaverse projects, WonderGame has native DeFi and Crypto integrations enhancing its power.
WonderGame is built by world-class artists, game designers, de-gen DeFi developers straight from Chainlink and Convergence Finance… Fortune 500 Leaders, and futurists… all on a mission to make the Open Metaverse a reality and bring about the next stage in Human Evolution.

Key benefits WonderGame Metaverse has:
  • Monetization. WonderGame is built to make its Landowners revenue. This includes native shopping functionality, Web3 integrations, traditional business integrations and real-world utility hosted within our fast-growing community ready to spend money. WonderGame is built to create new revenue streams, and our developers are here to support your project with any custom requirements.
  • Mobile & Virtual Reality Compatibility. WonderGame brings two rare pieces to the metaverse – VR goggle compatibility AND mobile phone exploration! Not even giant projects like Decentraland or Sandbox can host VR spaces for a true metaverse experience... Or support the 1 billion + users who only have a mobile device.
  • Limitless design capabilities. Other metaverses are often blocky, or have very small data size limits restricting builds to a ‘cartoon’ look. WonderGame however, can host realism and futuristic styles, such as that you can see in our Metaverse Penthouse display.
  • Location. WonderGame is a rapid growing, well funded metaverse which is quickly climbing up the ranks. The momentum is massive but it’s not too late for you to secure a plot close to traffic or close to a centre. In other metaverses, locations that give you any benefit such as this are upwards of 50+ ETH / $150,000.
  • Style Agnostic. WonderGame hosts multiple styles and zones. Some areas are Cartoon / Wonderland themed, while others are futuristic metaverse style with lots of neon lights, and others are even realistic HD looking with a luxury feel. WonderGame can host any style or theme you like.
  • Premium Support. WonderGame has a dedicated team to support your project, build custom metaverse spaces for you, and develop integrations you may need. Contact our team to have world class 3D architects and metaverse artists build your space.
As the world moves more digital and Web3, everything we create, earn and build needs to live somewhere. It needs a home, and people need a place to hangout with friends, game, shop, work and interact with brands. Inside WonderGame you can build anything ranging from a store, luxury NFT gallery, gaming lounge, museum... Or place to network, host live events, and get more buyers into your project.

WonderGame is growing fast, attracting strong partnerships and team, and represents a great opportunity with land as its core asset. There are many use cases and monetization strategies you can deploy, see Use Cases and Monetization
For custom development and metaverse space builds, you will need to contact the WonderGame dev team. Our Devs are top tier metaverse architects ready to build your ideal space. If you are building the structure yourself, most 3D modelling software can export files which are supported by Unity, WonderGames gaming engine. After which, you will need to contact the WonderGame team to upload it in the Metaverse. These files need to be low-poly, LOD optimised, and have as small as possible file size for running stability.
A lot. WonderGame has a huge experienced team dedicated to building utility and securing partnerships and integrations which increase the value. Similar projects started around $150 per block and $20 mill market cap, within 12 months hit $15k floor and $2 bill market cap.

A unique perk of WonderGame is the connection into the centralized traditional business world. With Crypto Exchange licenses, fiat on-ramp, and corporate sales team… WonderGame is not only hosting Web3 users, but onboarding masses of new Web2 users into Web3 every month.
On the map pictured below, you can see four zones / colors:

  • Public Common (Green on map pic): Outer Suburbs
  • Public Premium (Gold on map pic): Inner Suburbs
  • Commercial (Blue on map pic): Central Business District
  • Secret (Purple on map): Area yet to be decided by our Citizen NFT Holders.
Each triangle or square inside this image is an estate which holds roughly 4-200 individual plots of differing sizes. The habitable land is 44 km2 in total size.